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    Keep Your Heart Open

    Keep Your Heart Open Image via La Roby It's easy to close our heart.  Not so easy to keep it open.  Or so it seems... When we experience emotional pain, a common human response is eithe ...

    by Tina Frisco
    Monday, 24 March 2014
  • What Is Success?

    Image vis Gaia's temple of healing and enlightenment What Is Success? Recently, I was privileged to write the Introduction to a friend’s book. After reading his manuscript, I realized that most of u ...

    by Tina Frisco
    Friday, 07 February 2014
  • Donalie Beltran

        Donalie Beltran retired three years ago from her corporate web/graphic design company to devote full time to writing. She's the author of Murder is a Family Affair, a historical True C ...

    by Tina Frisco
    Tuesday, 17 September 2013
  • Tom Ufert, Role Model

    My friend, Tom Ufert, is a best-selling author who has multiple sclerosis. Despite his many hardships, he donates 10-25% of his book sales to charity. His new YouTube video is an inspiration for us al ...

    by Tina Frisco
    Tuesday, 10 September 2013
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    Guest Jodie Pierce

    Jodie Pierce is an author who has had a fascination with vampires since she was introduced to them as a child. But she became truly inspired upon reading the Anne Rice vampire books. Her experiences a ...

    by Tina Frisco
    Monday, 02 September 2013
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Welcome to the Golden Age of Enlightenment!


This is a gathering place where those of us concerned about humanity in these changing times can come together and share our thoughts about and visions of our evolving species and planet.  It is a place that models respect, tolerance, and love.

So much televised of late about the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012 has left many of us wondering if we’ll be alive when the sun rises on December 22nd!  A large percentage of these programs has focused on a possible impending apocalypse, which I, for one, find disheartening.  I firmly believe that if we keep our hearts open and act within love instead of react out of fear – if we practice gratitude and compassion within every moment and with every breath – we’ll raise our vibratory rate and help elevate the human species to a higher consciousness, facilitating personal and global peace.  And within this vision – this practice – the human species will continue into the Golden Age of Enlightenment.

Having seen one too many programs embracing doomsday prophecies, I felt compelled to write a novel of hope. Plateau: Beyond the Trees, Beyond 2012  is the product of that inspiration.  Novel reading can stimulate empathy and increase our understanding of who we are and our tolerance for diversity.

I invite you to share your thoughts, feelings, and appropriate links with our community.  My hope is that we affirmatively broaden our perspective on what lies ahead for our species and our planet.  I look forward to meeting, sharing, and dialoguing with kindred spirits.  One of my favorite sayings is “Harm none and do what you will.”  I ask that we “Harm none and walk in beauty…”